About Children Education Planning

As a parent, there is nothing you wouldn’t do for your children, right? If that is the case, then start investing in their future today by contributing to a Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP). By doing so, you can set money aside to pay for your children’s future education costs. Give them the freedom to choose the program of their choice, confident in their ability to cover tuition and other fees.

In addition to providing for your children’s future, they can be part of a well-rounded investment strategy to maximize your investment power.

A win-win situation for the entire family!

Start contributing to your children’s future today!

Key Benefits

Money invested in an RESP account is deducted from your taxable income, lowering your contributions.


The Federal Government will give you 20% on every dollar of the first $2,500 you save in your child’s RESP each year.

Contributions can be moved from one child’s RESP to another, under certain conditions.

Over time, your investment accrues interest, adding to your children’s available education fund.


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