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What is iA Private Wealth?

iA Private Wealth offers holistic, tailored wealth solutions through a network of more than 500 independent Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager teams. With over $40 billion in assets under administration, we are the partner of choice for discerning investors across Canada.


What services do you offer?

We focus in fee-based, discretionary wealth management. We also offer traditional wealth management, complete retirement planning services, a multitude of insurance* and risk management products. *Insurance products provided through EO Wealth Management Inc.


What is discretionary wealth management?

Few organizations are permitted to provide discretionary management. To do so, Portfolio Managers must complete the most demanding educational, experiential and organizational requirements and meet the highest conditions of registration with securities commissions.


What is a Portfolio Manager?

Portfolio Managers are fiduciaries who must meet the highest conditions of registration with the securities commissions and are held to a very strict code of conduct. Less than 5% of all investment advisors in Canada are licenced Portfolio Managers. To receive PM licensing, an advisor must hold either a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation or [...]


What is an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)?

A Portfolio Manager develops a written agreement called Policy Statement, or IPS. This IPS sets out the investment goals and objectives of the client and describes the investment strategies suitable to meet those objectives. The IPS takes into account specific needs, including risk tolerance, time horizon and investment philosophy. Your IPS is the basis upon [...]


Is financial planning the same as investment advice?

Not at all. Financial planning takes a comprehensive look at all your circumstances to ensure your finances (budgeting, cash flow management, borrowing, insurance, investing, tax planning, etc.) fit with your goals and preferences. Investment advice ensures that the marketable securities in your plan align with your financial planning goals.


What is a fiduciary?

Portfolio Managers have a legal obligation, or fiduciary duty, to act with care, honesty and good faith, always in the best interest of clients. Investment decisions must be independent and free of bias. This differs from advisors who are not Portfolio Managers and who generally have a “duty of care” required. Fiduciary duty puts a [...]

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