About Segregated Funds*

The growth potential of mutual funds, and the security of an insurance policy. The best of both worlds!

Segregated funds are essentially individual variable insurance contracts with additional investment guarantees. Upon contract maturity or death of the policyholder, benefits are paid out to the stated beneficiaries.

Segregated funds can help you reach your financial goals without the risk of more volatile investment vehicles. With guaranteed returns on your investments, usually after 10-15 years, and possibly even income guarantees—ask your advisor about it!—, segregated funds offer you complete peace of mind as you work towards your savings, investment or retirement goals.

Key Benefits

Unlike other investment products, segregated funds guarantee a return of about 75-100% of your premiums. Your investment is safe!


Because segregated funds are, in fact, a life insurance policy, you can choose who will receive the death benefit.

Segregated funds can protect your investment from seizure by creditors. It can, therefore, be a viable strategy for professionals and business owners to safeguard against bankruptcy or unexpected lawsuits.

By choosing the policy’s term, beneficiaries and premiums, you remain in control of your investment throughout the duration of the contract.


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    *Insurance products provided through EO Wealth Management Inc.